London Gatwick Hilton Hotel
South Terminal RH6 0LL

9th, 10th & 11th September 2015

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Temptation – Hanse Distribution

Don’t resist this Temptation!

Beautiful combination of pink-colored quartz stones and sparkling hand-set crystals make this Temptation bracelet a beloved item
and a compliment to your charming look. Suitable for any occasion.

Bracelet width: 4 cm. Flexible size.

Confirmed listings from April and May 2015 on board of: Air Berlin, Condor, TUi Fly, Czech Airlines, Estonian Air,  Pegasus Airlines, Sun Expres, Onur Air, Tailwind, Corendon,  Freebird airlines

Contact: Anna Berezhnaya
Phone: +49 40 8079796-31
Mobile: + 491624224799


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