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SkyBaby – FBV Travel Retail

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Baby Travel Mattress for flying with a baby


SkyBaby Travel mattress is specially designed to make travelling with a baby
more easy on an aeroplane. With its integrated mattress and thicker pillow
section, the SkyBaby provides the ideal little bed on the go for flying with
your baby. This unique product is a comfortable alternative to having your
baby sleep on your lap or on a long haul flight in an airline bassinet.
SkyBaby provides a simple, lightweight, portable solution that can be packed
away easily into its small carry bag and can be used with the aeroplane
infant seat belt if available.


If you have interconnecting flights, your sleeping baby can be carried to
the next flight whilst still wrapped up in the SkyBaby. The fully washable
mattress simply rolls into a tiny package in the bag provided, which then
clips externally to any other bag saving even more space.


For an airline looking to enhance customer satisfaction, providing the
SkyBaby on board offers an alternative when the bassinets are fully booked
or unavailable. As we know, a happy baby means happy Mother and babies are
the customers of the future. So why not promote customer loyalty by
providing a SkyBaby on board your aircraft. As well as being an ideal
solution for parents travelling with babies, the SkyBaby can also increase
revenue for the airline through on-board duty free sales or even pre order


Contact: Emma Woodward
Mobile: 07780867210
Please visit:
Please visit:


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