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9th, 10th & 11th September 2015

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Air Evolution

AIR EVOLUTION™ — If you like to travel light, then the patented Air Evolution™ is the inflatable travel pillow you need.

1) Made with an inflatable air core

2) Includes a removable/machine washable velour cover

3) Uses an adjustable sliding front toggle to hold the pillow in place

4) Has raised side supports helping to create 360° comfort

5) Designed with a flat rear cushion that won’t push your head forward

6) Features a media pouch to hold your phone or MP3 player

7) Comes with its own water repellent travel pouch that compacts the pillow down to the size of a soda can!

Because of its lightweight hand-sized compactibility, the Air Evolution™ can also be used for camping trips, sunbathing by the pool or beach, backpacking, road trips, and travel by car, bus, plane, or train – it can even be used at home in bed!  The Air Evolution™ can literally fit and go anywhere.


The Air Evolution™ is an inflatable travel pillow that has a washable cover, raised sides for 360° head/chin support, includes a phone/MP3 player media pocket, and comes with a soda can sized travel pouch! The Air Evolution™ can fit and go anywhere.

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